MB2-710 Study Notes

Some time ago I took the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Online Deployment (MB2-710) exam and I think it can be helpful to share my study notes along with the resources I used to study.

Study Notes

You can download my MB2-710 Study Notes from here.

In this document you will find all the notes that I took while I was studying for this certification. The structure is similar to the DLP Portal course (it was my main source of information) and it covers a good amount of the exam content. I’ve previously shared the notes with some team members who were about to take the certification and they found it helpful so I hope it can help someone else.

A little disclaimer for the end: these are just study notes and they not intend to replace the full course content. If you’re not familiar with most of the features it’s really important to go though the full documentation and resources available to understand and test the functionality before taking the exam.

You can download my MB2-710 Study Notes from here.

Resources I used
DLP Portal (Microsoft Dynamics Learning Portal)

If you work for a CRM partner you will probably have access to this course. In my opinion, these videos (you can also download the slides) are really good and cover most of the certification topics in only 3 hours.

You can access the course here.

Administration Guide

The Administration Guide is one of the most complete documents that you can find about how to install, configure, customize and maintain Dynamics CRM. It has almost a thousand pages and covers a lot of topics so I don’t recommend to go trough it for this exam (it won’t do any harm if you have the time) but I found it very useful to cover in details some key aspects such us Sharepoint and email integration.

You can download it from here

CRM Trial

In order to not only passing the exam but also learning new things, I think it’s really important to practice the new features that we’re not familiar with. A trial instance will be really helpful to practice how to create new users, assign them licenses, configure email settings, etc.

You can start a trial following these steps or provision a new demo using Microsoft Demos portal.

Neil Parkhurst Revision Guide

In Neil’s blog you will be able to find an amazing guide that covers everything you need to know (and more) to pass the exam. The guide has around 20 post and it’s structured in the same way that the certification so it’s really simple to follow it. Again, amazing!

You can access the guide here.

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