MB2-715 Study Notes

A few days ago I took the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Online Deployment exam (MB2-715) so I’m releasing an updated version of my Study Notes.

Study Notes

You can download my MB2-715 Study Notes from here.

The document is an updated version of my previous MB2-710 Study Notes. The main changes in the Study Notes are:

  • Requirements were updated (this section is specially important for taking the exam)
  • Licensing Plans were updated
  • Parature section was removed (it was deprecated in September)
  • Email Router section was removed (it was deprecated back in April)
  • Apps, App Designer, App Source
  • Links to Microsoft documentation were added

It’s important to remind that these are notes to remember key points, and I don’t recommend to use them as the main resource to study for the exam. In the next section you will find all the resources I used to study and pass the exam.

You can download my MB2-715 Study Notes from here.

Resources I used
DLP Portal (Microsoft Dynamics Learning Portal)

The official course from Microsoft, it’s really helpful and the best part is that only takes 3 hours to cover it. You can access the course from here, and it also has a 15 question assessment to practice after the course which it’s a good starting point to measure up your knowledge.

Administration Guide

The Administration Guide is one of the most complete documents that you can find about how to install, configure, customize and maintain Dynamics 365 CE. It has almost a thousand pages and covers a lot of topics so I used it to cover in details some key aspects such us Sharepoint and email integration.

You can download it from here.

Neil Parkhurst Revision Guide

Probably one of the most complete guides, and it’s structured in the same way the certification is which it’s really good to follow the exam objectives. Highly recommended, you can access it here.

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